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MagnoPro® Magnolia Bark Extract

Patent No。: CN200810027077。2 / 200810124091 


Magnolia bark (Magnolia officinalis) is a traditional Chinese medicine (whereit is known in TCM ashoupu or hou po) used since 100 A.D.for treating "stagnation of qi" (lowenergy) as well as a variety ofsyndromes, such as digestive disturbances causedby emotional distress andemotional turmoil.


It’s extracted from thebark of Magnoliaofficinalis by CO2 extraction。 

Latin Name: Magnolia officinalis Rehder et Wilson.

Extract Method:Extractedfrom the bark of Magnolia officinalis by supercriticalCO2 extraction. 

Appearance:Whiteto yellow brown powder or cream.

Active constituents:

Magnolia barkis rich intwo biphenol compounds, (magnolol and honokiol), which are thoughtto contributeto the primary anti-stress and cortisol-lowering effects of theplant. Magnoliabark also contains a bit less than 1% of an essential oil knownas eudesmol,which is classified as a triterpene compound, and may provide someadditionalbenefits as an antioxidant.

Magnolol 2%-98%, MW: 266.334 | MF: C18H18O2, CAS No.: 528-43-8

Honokiol 2%-98%, MW:266.334 | MF: C18H18O2, CAS No.: 35354-74-6


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